Our client, the Legal Ombudsman (www.legalombudsman.org.uk) is a “new” organisation, with over 300 employees based in the centre of Birmingham (UK), set-up in late 2010. The Legal Ombudsman’s role is to look at legal complaints in a fair and independent way and to “Facilitate a nifty resolution”.

What we did..

We engaged with a mix of business and IT stakeholders to ensure that everyone had a shared understanding and shared commitment, to deliver measurable business outcomes that supported the Legal Ombudsman’s (LeO)vision and culture.

We utilised facilitation techniques such as visual thinking, game-play and dialogue-mapping to develop a business benefits aligned roadmap and the associated programme of organisational change initiatives and SharePoint projects.

"It was fun working with you, and you gave us a framework and ideas to pull what we wanted to do together "
– Head of Policy & Communications

How it helped them...

Our inclusive and facilitative approach to the engagement helped LeO to remember exactly what they were trying to achieve as a business, the type of organisation they wanted to be and how SharePoint could help to facilitate those goals.

We worked with them through our well-proven and structured 21shift approach to identifying and delivering their measurable business outcomes and ensured that there was an achievable programme of work to deliver.