Fundamentally Rightshifting is a “movement” for increasing organisational effectiveness in technology organisations. Through his pursuits in this area Bob Marshall ( has developed a method titled the Marshall Model of Organisational Effectiveness. The following graph with its 4 zones and 3 transitions are the key elements of the model.


You can read about the original model in the white paper linked to in the right sidebar.

Our adoption of Rightshifting and the Marshall Model is based upon a number of key focal areas for us, some of which are not necessarily derived as Bob Marshall may have originally envisaged:

Identification of the organisations:

  • Current state of effectiveness
  • Current technology platform maturity
  • Effectiveness of vision
  • Technology vision
  • Identification of the key mindset shifts needed to move the organisation towards their vision.

It is felt that adopting a Rightshifting approach to improving “effectiveness” can yield significant improvements as opposed to other techniques which only affect slight changes over a long period of time.

21apps use this method primarily within the “Identity” phase and in some engagements the “Vision” phase of the 21apps Organisational Shift Model.

We find it an incredibly powerful method for creating a very early shared understanding of current and aspirational states within an organisation.

There is also the intriguing ability to map the “push-pull” dynamics of organisational versus technology maturity levels and how that affects the Change Management aspects of your technology projects.

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